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do you ever have that one member of the group who isn’t really your bias but there’s something about them that just

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M u s i c   of  Mulan  (1998)

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I’m attempting to rebuild a bit of confidence lost over the past couple weeks. I’m trying to convince myself that someday, someone is gonna think I have a really really cute face. Maybe not today, or tomorrow or even a year from now, but someday someone’s gonna think that face is really special, along with everything attached to it of course. Sometimes that’s really hard for me to believe. I’ve gotten kinda skinny and pale-ish which doesn’t quite help but I figure if I keep reminding myself that, it will get easier. I’m gonna try and post more pictures of me being cute in the hopes of getting back a little bit of that confidence.

But your face is cute! (Please excuse, I’m bi)

Yall know I’m hella gay, right?

Shoosh, you are lovely, my dear, and don’t let your self or anyone else say otherwise. :)

flustered yixing when the fans’ screams for him were so loud he couldn’t even say his greetings

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Braden Summers traveled to six different countries to prove that no matter where you are, love is equal.

Always support equality.

Love is love.

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okaasan of Takayoshi okiya, maiko Taneju, okaasan of Harutomi, maiko Miehina and Kimichie (SOURCE)
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